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The Ibonhart APH Bread bagger is designed to handle all your solid and sliced bread efficiently at higher speeds without constant operator attention, enabling the operator to monitor the performance of two or more machines.

A variation of the APH sliced bread bagger is the APH Bun Bagger which is capable of automatically bagging solid breads or various configurations of morning goods such as buns, finger rolls, muffins, bagels etc.

Alternatively where space or machine utilisation is a critical factor it is possible to bag all your production of either sliced bread which can be linked with a flighted synchroniser from a bread slicer, or utilise a Manually fed inline infeed conveyor for solid bread, rolls and buns. The change over from one product to another is simple and operator friendly through the single Combination Bagger.

Optional Features

Special Opener Carriage to handle paper bags as well as polythene bags
Semi Automatic Bag Change
Three Tray Automatic Bag Change
Half-Loaf Bagging
Freebaked Products
Special guides to handle Rolls, Tea-cakes, Bagels and Muffins on edge
Special parts to handle products up to 470mm long
Combination infeed machine


Speed: The machine is equipped with a variable speed drive and will cover a range of 12-70 packs/min depending on the product.

Style of Pack: Neck tied, Pre-made wicketted bags.

Bag Material: Conventional, low density, high slip 30 Microns, (120 gauge) polythene is recommended, but wicketted bags of other materials including Paper Bags can be accommodated.

Bag Closure: All Ibonhart Bagging Machines can be fitted with any conventional 'Bag Closure Unit' to suit the customers particular application, including: - Kwiklock, Heat Seal, Twist Tie, Adhesive Tape seal and Twin Wire Clip.

Product Size:
Length: 152mm to 355mm
Width : 83mm to 220mm
Height: 50mm to 178mm
Max Bag Width: 270mm

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