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products - b51 bread slicer

b51 bread slicer

The Ibonhart B51 Reciprocating Blade Slicer.

The operation of the reciprocating blade Slicer is both simple and efficient with the products being delivered to the slicing position by side and bottom feed belts. The slicing process is performed by knives mounted in two frames (half the total number of knives in each frame) which are reciprocated in opposite directions while the product is pushed through. The reciprocating motion is effected by connecting rods mounted to a double throw dynamically balanced crankshaft totally enclosed in an oil filled crankcase.

The speed of product feed is by a Inverter controlled motor mounted on the side of the slicer. When linked to an Ibonhart Bagger this motor is controlled from within the bagger to ensure optimum line efficiency.


Speed: Up to 45 products per minute (dependant on product and temperature)

Cutting Stroke: 65mm

Whole product size

Length: 152mm to 340mm (Up to 440mm on wide version)
Width: 83mm to 190mm
Height: 65mmto 170mm

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