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bs420 bread slicer

The Ibonhart BS420 Band Slicer.

The operation of the high capacity Band Slicer is for all types of bread. The band blades are tightened between two hard chrome-coated steel drums. With the hard alloy blade guides and long lasting blades, the slices are cut straight and the thickness of the slice always remains exact.

The BS420 Band Slicer is equipped with an adjustable infeed system with driven bottom, side and top belts. Such a well controlled feeding is ideal for a wide variety of products, especially when free-baked products are concerned. The loading of the machine takes place directly from the cooling conveyors or manually.

The height adjustable outfeed conveyor is equipped with revolving bars to carry the sliced products into the bagger. The BS420R is available for rye type breads and is equipped with a larger drive motor and an integrated oiling system.


Speed: Up to 70 loaves in minute, depending on the product

Blade Type: 163 inches long blade loops, various profile options

Whole product size

Length: Up to 400mm
Width: Up to 200mm
Height: Up to 150mm

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