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ibonhart special design for long standing client a fully bespoke dough conveyor

bespoke dough conveyor

Ibonhart has many long standing customers, one of which approached us with a problem they were having with one of their dough conveyors.

They required a replacement conveyor to attach to their dough moulding machine, the specification was to ensure the conveyor has the same functionality as they have currently with the ability to adjust the speed of the conveyor and the angle.

Upon the request one of the Design team visited the bakery to measure the existing conveyor, to allow us to accurately quote a new conveyor for their needs. Following the bakeries approval of the conveyor proposal, the team began to design the conveyor using our recently installed AutoCAD Inventor 2013.

The use of 3D CAD gave our designers the freedom and visualisation to design a conveyor that not only met the needs of the customer but also allowed us to design in a way which allowed ease of build and cost effective manufacturing.

All of the advancements in our production processes allow us to pass on the saving to the customer providing them with affordable bakery solutions even outside of our core products like this particular conveyor.

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