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products - automatic bun collator

Bun Collator

A comprehensive Bun Bagging System incorporating product handling and collation.

The Buns can be accepted at random from the feed conveyors. they are then batched and formed into their final pack configuration (such as 4 on 4, 6 on 6 etc.), at the same time as being loaded into pre-formed wicketted bags.

Slicing - Band or Hinge Slicers (vertical or side) can also be incorporated into the automatic line.


Style of Pack: Neck tied, pre-made wicketted bags.

Bag Material: Conventional, low density, high slip polythene 25 plus micron, other materials such as co-extruded blends can be accepted.

Speed: Variable speed upto 50 collated packages per minute (dependant upon product and package configuration)

Tying: Conventional systems such as Twist Tie, Clip, Tape Tie or Heat Seal

Product Dimensions: (collated pack)

• Length: 152mm to 330mm
• Width : 80mm to 260mm
• Height: 30mm to 150mm

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