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half loaf bagging machine

The principle of half loaf bagging is to split whole loaves into two halves after they are sliced. One half is turned through 180 deg. Each half is then automatically fed into the bagging machine to be bagged and sealed.

The Ibonhart Half Loaf Bagging System is designed to fit between most makes of slicers and any Ibonhart Automatic Bagging Machine.

The unit will handle both half loaf and whole loaves utilising quick change parts and state of the art electronics to offer a truly versatile machine.

Varible speed facility capable of speeds up to 60 packs per minute, (half loaves and whole loaves), depending on product.


Style of Pack: Neck tied, Pre-made wicketted bags.

Bag Material: Conventional, low density, high slip 30 Microns, (120 gauge) polythene is recommended, but wicketted bags of other materials can be accommodated.

Speed: Variable speed 20-60 depending on the product.

Tying: The machine will accept any conventional tying unit including:- Twist tie, Plastic clip or Tape tie.

Whole Product Size:
Length: 152mm to 330mm
Width : 88mm to 152mm
Height: 80mm to 170mm

(other sizes can be accommodated)

Product Size Change: Size change takes approximately 5 minutes.

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