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ib270 bread bagger

The IB270 Bagger has been designed and built specifically for the Food industry and is the result of many years experience of providing packaging solutions in diverse markets worldwide It is the ideal machine where there is a need to automate the packaging process but where the space and volumes produced prohibits the use of the larger high speed baggers..

Whilst designed to provide an economical solution to any packaging problem the IB270 incorporates the latest technology resulting in consistent and trouble free operation with the minimum of routine maintenance.

The IB270 can form a critical part of the packaging line and synchronise with other elements of the process such as the slicer, bag closure unit or basket fillers and stackers. A truely versatile machine at an economical price.


The machine is equipped with a variable speed drive and will cover a range of 12-47 packs/min depending on the product.

Bag material

Conventional, low density, high slip 30 microns, (120 gauge) polythene is recommended, but wicketted bags of other materials including paper bags can be accommodated.

Bag closure

All Ibonhart Bagging Machines can be fitted with any conventional 'Bag Closure Unit' to suit the customers particular application, including:- Kwik Lok, Twist Tie, Adhesive Tape seal and Twin Wire Clip. Heat sealing units can also be fitted.

Standard features

  • Touch Screen for batch counts, diagnostics,
  • Simple programme adjustments, operator and
  • Engineering information
  • Customised product handling
  • Avaliable as a combination machine with an inline
  • Conveyor and slicer infeed allowing sliced bread and solid breads, rolls, pitta breads etc giving maximum machine utilisation and flexibility.

Optional features

  • Half-Loaf sychronised infeed
  • Freebake synchronised infeed
  • Semi Automatic Bag Change
  • IP65 standard if required

Product size

Length: 152mm to 355mm
Width: 83mm to 200mm
Height: 65mm tp 150mm
Wider versions available to order

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