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ib360 bagger

The design of the IB360 is the most versatile to allow a broad range of options to fully customise the equipment to suit your particular requirements.

Standard Machines

Automatic Bread Bagger with flighted synchroniser for sliced bread.

Bun and Roll Bagger with inline infeed conveyor for solid breads and various configurations of buns, rolls, muffins, bagels etc. Special guides to handle Rolls, Tea-cakes, Bagels and Muffins on edge.

Ibonhart ABC Bun System a fully Automatic product handling, collation and Bagging system for Buns and Rolls Combination Sliced Bread and Bun or Roll Bagger with both flighted synchroniser and inline infeed for all your bakery production.

IB360 Variety Bagger for multipacks, frozen food products, non food items.

IB360 Combination Bagger for where space or machine utilisation is a critical factor it is possible to bag all your production of either sliced bread from a bread slicer, or utilise a Manually fed inline infeed conveyor for solid bread, rolls and buns.

Standard Features

  • Touch Screen Display Diagnostic Panel (Dual language if required)
  • Batch Counter
  • Stainless Steel covers as standard
  • Overhead Clutch for Product Protection
  • Bag Failed to Inflate Sensor
  • Last Bag Sensor
  • Door Safety Interlocks
  • Fault Indicators
  • Double Loaf Detector (Bread Bagger only)


Speed: The machine is equipped with a variable speed drive and will cover a range of 12-70 packs/min depending on the product.

Style of Pack: Neck tied, Pre-made wicketted bags.

Bag Material: Conventional, low density, high slip 30 Microns, (120 gauge) polythene is recommended, but wicketted bags of other materials including Paper Bags can be accommodated.

Bag Closure: All Ibonhart Bagging Machines can be fitted with any conventional 'Bag Closure Unit' to suit the customers particular application, including: - Kwik Lok, Twist Tie, Adhesive Tape seal and Twin Wire Clip. Heat sealing units can also be fitted.

Product Size:
Length: 152mm to 355mm
Width : 83mm to 190mm
Height: 65mm to 170mm
Maximum Bag width: 300mm

Wider versions to suit special products available to order.

Optional Features

  • Half-loaf synchronised infeed
  • Freebake synchronised infeed
  • Semi Automatic Bag Change
  • IP65 standard if required
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