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ib90 bread slicer

The Ibonhart LB65 or 90 Reciprocating Blade Slicer is a most versatile slicer to suit our range of baggers and to handle all your sliced bread efficiently at higher speeds.

A variation of the LB65 Bread slicer is the LB90 Slicer which has a longer cutting stroke for optimal efficiency and is used with an oiling system to lubricate the cutting blades on heavy rye products.

Also there is the option of an additional Top Belt to give better control of freebaked products which can vary in size.


Speed: The machine is controlled from the bagger drive and will cover a range of 12-65 packs/min depending on the product and temperature.

Cutting Stroke:
LB65 cutting stroke = 65mm for most products
LB90 cutting stroke = 90mm for use with blade oiling system on Rye products

Product size:
Length: 152mm to 315mm (up 420mm for wide version)
Width : 83mm to 200mm
Height: 65mm to 170mm
Freebake products: ±10mm tolerance on product length

Electrical specifications:
Blade Drive Motor: 2.2 Kw motor
Belt Feed Motor: 0.37 Kw motor
Supply: 380/420v 3 phase 4wire 50Hz+E 16 amps

Length: 1830mm
Width: 1080mm
Height: 1120mm

Weight: 690 kg

Optional features

  • Side belts through the blades for tinned products
  • Side belts up to the blades for freebaked products
  • Top belt to control and feed freebaked products
  • Oiling system for products with high Rye content
  • Wide version available for maximum length product 415mm
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