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We offer a comprehensive range of paddle action bread bagging machines and infeed systems to suit a wide variety of products. Machines are tailor-made to suit customer's exact requirements.

Our bread slicing machines and bread packaging machines can be stand alone units or can form a part of a larger automatic system controlling and monitoring a complete line, giving operational status to operators and engineers alike, including product handling feed conveyors, basket fillers and stackers, metal detectors and despatch systems.

All bread slicing machinery and bread packaging machinery is simple and easy to maintain and are backed by a comprehensive After Sales and Spare Parts Service. Our qualified Engineers install your packaging machine and carry out commissioning and on-site training.

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IBPRO Bread Slicer Bagger in one fast and efficient machine

IBPRO Bread Slicer Bagger

THE FUTURE IS HERE! Extremely efficient, space saving and using hardwearing components, our all in one slicing bagging machine can reduce waste and time.
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IB270 Bagger high speed bread bagging machine, perfect for large volumes

IB270 Bagger

Designed with a specific where there is a need to automate the packaging process but where the space and volumes produced are limited to the use of the larger high speed baggers...
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IB520 Bagger ideal for more difficult bakery with optional special infeed conveyors

IB520 Bagger

Designed with a specific range of options for the machine to suit particular requirements of more difficult products. These options include Special Infeed conveyors ...
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IB360 Bagger - fully customerisable bread bagger with touch screen display

IB360 Bagger

Designed as a general purpose machine to allow a range of options to fully customise the equipment to suit your particular requirements, including Touch Screen Display to provide detailed ...
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IB30 Hand Bagger - Ideal for unsliced loafs, rolls and food products in trays

IB30 Hand Bagger

Designed for hand bagging such products such as sliced and unsliced bread, rolls and food products in trays, on small to medium production runs, using pre-made ...
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LB90 Slicer - Highly efficient bread slicing machine

LB90 Slicer

The operation of the reciprocating blade bread slicer is both simple and efficient with the loaves being delivered to the slicing position by side and bottom feed belts and works well with all our Baggers ...
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Freebake ideal for round loafs, batons and traditional tin shaped loafs


The Freebake allows the handling of a wide variety of bread from round loafs to the traditional tin shape used around the world markets...
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Half Loaf Bagger

Half Loaf Bagger

The principle of half loaf bagging is to split whole loaves into two halves after they are sliced. One half is turned through 180 deg. Each half is then automatically fed into the ...
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APH Bagger

APH Bagger

Is designed to handle all your solid and sliced bread efficiently at higher speeds without the need for constant operator attention, freeing him to monitor the operation of additional systems ...
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automatic bun collator

Automatic Bun Collator

The Buns can be accepted at random from the feed conveyors, they are then batched and sliced before being formed into their final pack configuration ...
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